• Satelliet celebrates 50 years of hospitality

Satelliet celebrates 50 years of hospitality

On 1 April 2021 it will be exactly 50 years since Satelliet started its mission to give hospitality a face in the form of inspiring interiors. Or as they like to describe it: 'places where people like to meet'. 

It began on a small scale with the design and traditional production of furniture for the hotel and catering industry. Thanks to years of experience and the trust of many customers, Satelliet grew into a major player in the field of hospitality furniture. Hospitality is the key to this, according to them. 

"In the digitalising world, the quality of being together and meeting people is becoming increasingly important. With our furniture, we want people to work and stay together in a hospitable and pleasant way. This ultimately ensures more productivity, fun and relaxation; things we all need," says Joris Heijltjes, Managing Director at Satelliet.

Now, 50 years after its foundation in 1971, Satelliet is celebrating its golden jubilee. The whole year will therefore have a special golden edge if Heijltjes is to be believed. "The big moment is of course on 1 April, when we will celebrate our fiftieth anniversary, but the whole year will be marked by our anniversary. We have planned various activities throughout the year. It goes without saying that our showrooms will play an important role in all the festivities."

What exactly these activities will entail remains a secret for the time being. But there is one thing he cannot keep to himself. "We have developed an exclusive chair especially for this anniversary. This chair will be produced in a limited edition of 1971 pieces and will therefore truly be a limited edition Satelliet Originals chair. A beautiful and lasting reminder of this milestone," says Heijltjes with a big smile. The chair will be unveiled in the Breda showroom on 1 April.

It is not only the design and the limited edition that make this chair so special. The chair is made entirely of recycled materials - recycled aluminium and plastic to be precise. By the way, this is not the first model Satelliet has produced using 'discarded materials'. They have even linked an initiative to this called SUM - Still Usable Materials. "Fifty years is a good period to look back on, but even more important is that we look ahead to our future. That is why a lot of attention is paid to sustainability. SUM is one of the initiatives with which we want to contribute to a more sustainable future", says Joris Heijltjes. 

Exactly what the chair will look like will be revealed on Satelliet's social media channels on the day.

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