In addition to our complete collection of hospitality furniture, we also offer you the opportunity to to make an additional choice from the product range of our partner HAY. The HAY brand provides accessible design products for the modern world.

In 2002, HAY was established as a new kind of design company in Denmark. Motivated by the certainty that good design is everyone’s right. That’s why, from the very beginning, co-founders and Creative Directors Mette and Rolf Hay committed to working with their generation’s best designers from all over the world to create high-quality products that would be available to a wide audience. This founding principle continues to motivate us today.

We are inspired by the realities of life today, in which traditional divides between personal and professional space are more fluid. HAY set out to innovate new ways to answer the ever-evolving needs of the modern world.

Everything we make draws from three primary sources of inspiration: art, architecture, and fashion. We have always paid close attention to and been inspired by our surroundings, and putting our finger on the pulse of contemporary culture is how we keep pace with the world around us.