Graniet & Basalt | Breda

New developments in the office environment gradually made their appearance. The way we regard the office now and in the future is in an obvious state of flux. The office is no longer ‘simply’ the workplace, but the place where we meet each other, brainstorm, collaborate, focus, develop, connect, and relax as well.

Employees perform better and more productively in a space where they feel comfortable and welcome. There are so many ways of coming together, and that requires furnishings that meet those various needs. With the inspiring Work Lounge and Scrum City, you discover possibilities where office and hospitality come together and grow into a pleasant, inspiring work environment where the employee is central. There you see that we offer advice for the office of today and tomorrow. And that we have superb furniture in our collection to facilitate spontaneous work moments.

Catalogue 2024

This year, our catalogue once again consists of one book that combines atmosphere, inspiration and our versatile furniture collection, and enhances each other. In addition, extensive attention is paid to the themes that Satelliet stands for: premium quality, tailor-made, full service and sustainability.

Each catalogue is provided with the additional Look + Feel collection brochure. In this brochure, we elaborate on the (custom) options in the field of upholstery and our collection of tabletops.