SUM: Still Usable Materials

Sustainability is not only about how we treat the planet, but also how we deal with employees, suppliers, producers, you name it. It is with building lasting relationships that you can mean more to each other and help each other grow.

Satelliet krijgt eigen bibliotheek in Vectorworks

Satelliet gets its own Vectorworks library

It was a long-cherished wish, and from now on it is a reality: Satelliet Meubelen and Design Express have entered into a partnership in the form of a new Vectorworks library. This new library contains more than 300 objects from the Satellite collection and can be used immediately from now on. We don't need to explain to you why this is a big step forward.

Satelliet celebrates 50 years of hospitality

On 1 April 2021 it will be exactly 50 years since Satelliet started its mission to give hospitality a face in the form of inspiring interiors. Or as they like to describe it: 'places where people like to meet'.


Versatile felt

Felt is a primal textile with a long history. With modern techniques, synthetic fibers can even be made from PET bottles. This makes felt not only a versatile, but also a sustainable product.

Naturalis, Leiden

Naturalis Leiden: clear the way for biodiversity

Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Dutch city of Leiden is a museum and science under one roof. In the summer of 2019 it reopened its doors after a large-scale renovation. The new Naturalis bundles museum, collections and research, but above all wants to touch the hearts of visitors.

Wireless charging table

Wireless charging your smartphone? This is possible with Satelliet's RechargeTable, wherein the charging system is invisibly incorporated into the table top.

Circl, Amsterdam

Circular meeting place Circl

Circl - initiative of ABN AMRO bank - is a new, circular pavilion in the south of Amsterdam. Sustainable and circular principles formed the starting points for the development of the building.

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