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Circl is a new, circular pavilion in the south of Amsterdam and is an initiative of ABN AMRO bank. The building houses meeting rooms, a rooftop bar with terrace and a restaurant on the ground floor. In addition, Circl functions in its entirety as a living lab that stimulates the sharing of ideas and experiences about sustainability and circularity.

Sustainable and circular principles formed the starting points for the development of the building. Many parts of Circl have already had a life; other raw materials used for construction and finishing can be reused in the future. In addition, the building has been designed to be energy-efficient and dismountable.

Connecting the exterior with the interior

In 2016, the catering operator Vermaat Groep and interior architecture firm Ex Interiors took up the challenge together to devise an innovative concept for the restaurant on the ground floor and the rooftop bar on the first floor of the pavilion. The next step was to create a connection between the exterior of the building and the interior of the basement and the ground floor, developed by the Architekten Cie and Doepelstrijkers respectively. From this stratification, Ex Interiors looked for a connection with the catering concept and visitors.

Sofas made from old Auping mattresses and leather from Dutch cows. Floors composed of scrap wood or transparent jars in high walls.

The lines, routing and logistics had to merge smoothly. To break the length of the building and create synergy with the moving parts, steel frames have been placed in the restaurant with configurations that can be adjusted as required. The central frame with the large round table and the long lunch tables around the buffet is a beating heart in the restaurant.

Circular food and drink

Circl Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the pavilion. Here you can enjoy dinner, lunch or an informal drink every day. In the restaurant, cooking is done according to the principle of 'reduce, re-use and no waste'. They mainly work with local seasonal products and buy in such a way that what remains is given a new use.

Transparency about the origin of products and the method of preparation is also translated into the interior. The kitchen is open and offers visitors the chance to see and experience cooking. In the restaurant there are high walls with filled jars and bottles of syrup as a symbol for the conscious use of raw materials.

Existing materials have also been given a new lease of life in the decoration of the restaurant. For example, chairs by designer Dirk van der Kooij have been used, produced from old refrigerators. The leather sofas also have a special story. Old Auping mattresses have been revitalized and covered with leather from organic Dutch cows that is produced as sustainably as possible. The tanning of the TLC leather is chromium and aldehyde free.

Circl is the new meeting place for companies, personnel and organizations with a clear ambition: to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Rooftop bar

On the top floor is Circl Rooftopbar, adjacent to the roof garden of the pavilion. During the day special teas are served, while in the evening you can enjoy a relaxing drink. The interior can best be described as a green oasis of tranquility, which is in close connection with the outdoors. Visitors are surrounded by fresh flowers and plants, which are central to the distribution point and placed in tall cabinets behind frosted glass.

The bar does not have tables and chairs, but low lounge elements in various shades of green. The covers are interchangeable and therefore easy to clean or replace. By building the elements from different layers, all materials used can be replaced or recycled at the end of their useful life.

With Circl, a new place to learn, to inspire, but above all to connect has been created. It has led to intensive cooperation between all parties and a not self-evident quest for circularity, in which all beaten paths had to be revised.

This article is a by Satelliet edited version of Ex Interiors project information.

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