Hospitality with a vision

Enjoy the art of hospitality...

We have strived for over forty years with this ethos and we encourage our team to be creative, effective and sustainable when it comes to interior design and hospitality.

Our unique furniture collection is the key to enable our customers to create their desired hospitality atmosphere.

Indeed, people feel more comfortable in a pleasant environment, performance is enhanced and perhaps most importantly for our clients, fosters increased sales and regular customers.

... in a sustainable world!

Furniture with a mission

Satelliet is constantly developing new furniture. We cooperate with our (inter) national partners, customers, designers and our suppliers.

These products are applicable in our defined markets. Specifically in those areas where people experience hospitality. Our mission is to provide the perfect product to our customers, so their guests have a pleasant stay and what ultimately increases the wellbeing and sales.

The perception of the client and his guest are of great interest in the proposals we make, with constant consideration of sustainability of the product and the service we provide.


Satelliet stands in the heart of society and is aware of its influence on society and the environment. We acknowledge our responsibility for a sustainable future so that future generations can continue to meet their needs. We share our standards and values with suppliers which enables us to increasingly offer sustainable solutions. We use the principles and core themes of ISO 26000, the internationally recognized guidelines for CSR.

Our responsibility focuses on social, ecological and economic terms: People | Planet | Profit.

In our brochure you will find more information about ISO 26000.


  1. Accountability
  2. Transparency
  3. Ethical behaviour
  4. Respect for stakeholder
  5. Respect of legislation
  6. Respect for international norms
    of behaviour
  7. Respect for human rights


  1. Management of the organization
  2. Human rights
  3. Working environment
  4. The environment
  5. Fair trade
  6. Consumer affairs
  7. Involvement and community

Resysta the future wood

Wood of the future: the ecological alternative to tropical deforestation, made of remnant materials such as rice husks, mineral oils and rock salt.

Satelliet Meubelen encourages the use of Resysta, also referred to as the 'wood of the future'. Resysta is made from the husks of rice grains, rock salt and mineral oils and yet it has the appearance and characteristics of wood.

Resysta is the new standard in sustainability for your terrace.

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