Sustainable fabrics

Pre-consumer recycling

Pre-consumer recycling is the recovery of waste materials created during the production process, or during the delivery of goods prior to their delivery to a consumer.

Pre-consumer materials can be the remnants that end up on the factory floor which can be repurposed into something new rather than be thrown away.

Post-consumer recycling (PCR)

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) products are made of waste materials that are created by the end user and can no longer be used. Worldwide, post-consumer waste is the biggest waste stream, more and more ways are being found to reduce this flow are be able to make it into new products.

After usage, this waste is collected and recycled into a new product. Empty shampoo bottles, PET bottles and other waste materials can be recycled into completely new products such as furniture fabrics.

Cradle 2 Cradle (C2C)

The Cradle 2 cradle principle mimics the regenerative cycle of nature in which waste is re-used. In nature, when a tree or animal dies, that waste breaks down and becomes nutrients for another process.

This cyclical concept makes sure that raw materials are converted into safe materials that can be re-used time and time again. Everything is created as a raw material to be used for something else and in that way makes a positive contribution to the world and the future.

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