Wouldn't that be great? A weather and water resistant material that looks and feels like wood. A material that is made from sustainable raw materials and is resistant to water, sun, wind and cold. A material that saves raw materials, is hardly susceptible to wear and is always of high quality.

This sounds like an illusion, but nothing could be further from the truth. After 15 years of intensive research, a Chinese company was able to develop a material that meets all the properties described above: Resysta. A hybrid material consisting mainly of the husks of rice grains. A natural waste product as the basis for material that looks like wood with the properties of plastic.

In addition, Resysta does not gray or fade and the material is not susceptible to fungi. That is why it is extremely suitable for outdoor use in, for example, garden and outdoor furniture, fences, decking and facade cladding. It is not surprising that Resysta is called a miracle by its inventors.


✓ Water resistant
Resysta does not absorb water. This prevents it from splintering, cracking or expanding. These properties make Resysta an extremely durable material.

✓ Can be processed as wood
Sawing, milling, drilling, sanding, painting and bending - Resysta can be processed and processed in the same way as wood. It even has a decisive advantage: Resysta does not crack or splinter.

✓ UV resistant
Resysta is extremely resistant to the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation

✓ Durable
Resysta mainly consists of the husk of rice grains, a by-product of rice production.

✓ 100% recyclable
Resysta can be pulverized and used as a raw material for new Resysta products

Formula of the future

Resysta already meets the technical and ecological requirements of tomorrow today. Due to its lifespan and durability, completely new designs are possible. The reinforced hybrid material is produced from approximately 60% rice husks, 22% rock salt and 18% mineral oil, making it both environmentally friendly and extremely weather resistant. Resysta is hardly susceptible to the harmful effects of sun, rain, snow or salt water. At the same time, Resysta hardly requires any maintenance or care.

Moreover, Resysta products ensure a favorable eco-balance. Both components of Resysta, the polymer material and the reinforcing fiber, are 100% recyclable. In addition, Resysta has a long lifespan, requires little maintenance and contains no preservatives to combat insects and fungi. The Resysta slogan is not for nothing better wood.

Resysta furniture

Satelliet is at the heart of society and is aware of its impact on society and the environment. We recognize our responsibility for a sustainable future so that generations to come can continue to meet their needs. That is why we apply the principles and core themes of ISO 26000, the globally recognized guideline for CSR. For many years, we have been investing in sustainable solutions for the production of our furniture, including the use of a sustainable material such as Resysta. Our collection has a varied furniture line of sofas, stools, tables and table tops.

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