This is Satelliet

Satelliet Meubelen has been giving expression to hospitality for over 45 years. During this time Satelliet has earned the trust of many clients, thereby acquiring a leading position in the Hospitality market. "As a professional partner we create an experience and deliver functional superior quality hospitality and project furniture".

4 showrooms in the Netherlands
In 2014 Satelliet has 4 inspiring showrooms in the Netherlands. Our head office is located in Breda. You will find a comprehensive showroom here with over 3500 m2 of inspiration. In Amsterdam you will find us in good company with partners from our sector at our branch at Horecawerf. In the North, you can expect a hospitable reception in Dalfsen. Last but not least, we have furnished an inspiring, conceptual showroom in Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem in Maastricht, where you are welcome to visit us by appointment.

Satelliet Logistics Centre
In 2000, Satelliet Meubelen opened the Satelliet Logistics Centre in Rijen. This 10,000 m2 warehouse expands the possibilities of the Logistics process and makes the transition to large-scale stock possible. This enables Satelliet to respond optimally to its clients demands for a wide ranging collection and speedy delivery.

International Partners

Internationally, Satelliet Meubelen collaborates with partners in Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, England, Germany and Finland. The exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas results in a unique synergy, which can be used optimally by national and international clients.

Our network makes us nationally and internationally extraordinarily effective, both for our manufacturers and clients. Our collaboration with European partners enables us to offer a hospitality furniture collection that exudes international allure.

Inspirium, Hospitality Mall

Satelliet Meubelen has translated its ambition for continual innovation into the Inspirium Hospitality Mall in Breda.  This professional experiential centre totalling 7000 m2 is where 11 creative partners offer their products and services. The range includes interior plants, lighting, audiovisual communications, table decoration and crockery, walls, floors, fabrics, furnishings, payment systems and professional scent experience. 

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