The wonderful world of tailor made fabrics

Every interior is unique and entrepreneurs are also becoming increasingly creative. Then, as a furniture supplier, you cannot stand still. In fact, by thinking ahead in terms of furniture and furnishings, we hope to inspire creatives to think beyond what is obvious. In turn, we are inspired to further develop our collection. An important part of our range is our fabric collection, in particular our (printed) fabrics.

Our own printed fabrics

Our collection of fabrics is put together with great care and is intended to be used for a longer period of time. A balance between trends and basics is therefore very important. A collection that is too trend-sensitive would mean that too much has to be changed, but it is also important not to stick to old colours. That is why we also create our own printed fabrics with prints and colours that we think fit into today's interiors. We hear you think: print fabrics? Hell yes! With today's techniques we can print practically any pattern on a fabric. We have added a number of patterns to our collection as standard, but you can also have your own pattern printed on fabric and artificial leather. You can even choose to print your own colour.

Infinite possibilities

The printing of fabrics is not new, but the application of digital techniques in combination with sublimation printing creates a whole new dimension in the printing of fabrics and artificial leather. The possibilities are endless. With this technique we can personalize fabrics as desired and apply them to a large part of our collection of chairs and sofas. Now the only question remains: how does it work?

Creating a printed fabric

A pattern or print is entered into the computer and processed as desired. It is important that it is a seamless pattern. This means that the design contains repetitive elements so that it can be repeated endlessly, such as with wallpaper. Then you indicate how big the pattern should be and the image is repeated endlessly in that size. The result is printed with an inkjet printer, equipped with sublimation inks, on special coated transfer paper. This paper with the print is placed on a product, in our case a polyester fabric or artificial leather. In the press, or the calender, the ink, together with the transfer material and the fabric, is heated to 205 degrees Celsius. This fixes the print in the fiber.


New technologies make it possible to use special heat-sensitive inks in combination with digital printers. In the sublimation process, these inks bond with polyester fabrics. Unlike, for example, when printing on cotton, the color is not applied to the fiber, but high temperature and pressure ensure that the special ink adheres to the fiber. A significant difference with enormous benefits.

The printed fabric can then be modified even further. Among other things with different finishes that make the fabric antibacterial, fire-retardant or dirt and water-resistant.

Printing of fabric and artificial leather in a chosen colour or pattern

It is possible to print your own pattern or color on 3 different fabrics and an artificial leather. This is in line with the increasing demand for personalizing products. The desired colour can be obtained by specifying the RAL colour number or a submitted colour sample. To have your own pattern printed, a seamless pattern can be supplied from


Cord: matt velor quality
Crystal: gloss velvet quality
Fiber: fabric with a woven look

Artificial leather

Strike: artificial leather with scratch-resistant PU coating

All these fabrics have a dirt and water resistant finish. It is important that the artificial leather cannot be printed in a solid colour, but that it always has a mixed look based on a uni specified colour. On request and from 100 meters, the fabrics can be made fire-retardant at an additional cost. The minimum order for the fabrics is 40 meters and 30 meters for imitation leather. It is possible to print multiple patterns or uni colours on 1 roll to get your metrage.


1. Provide a RAL number, a colour reference sample or a seamless vector file.

2. Select a fabric on which to print the pattern: Cord, Crystal, Fiber or Strike.

3. An A4 sample with pattern will be sent for approval.

Want to know more?

Curious about the possibilities with regard to printing materials? Make an appointment in our showroom with one of our advisors.

Below you will find various projects in which our furniture is provided with printed fabrics:

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