Tailor made benches

A tailor made bench for every project

Practically any type of bench can be made because there is basically no standard. But to avoid having to start from scratch, we have a collection of standard versions to use as a starting point. Think of various forms of benches or different ways of finishing such as crowning, downstitching, festooning or padding. But if, for example, you want the stitching seams closer together or the back height adjusted, then almost everything is possible. There are more options than you might think at first.

Use the space

The advantage of benches is that you use the space very efficiently. You can often create more seating areas and in many cases it also enhances the atmosphere. It gives a feeling of intimacy and cosiness. You determine the length of the bench. And does he have to turn a corner? Then we make it fit to any desired radius. Depending on the wishes, a combination of material and dimensions is sought that guarantees good seating comfort and makes the bench a real addition to the interior.


In addition to efficient use of space, a custom sofa is also a very handy solution for concealing, for example, heating or piping. In the case of a heater, we can even provide a nice heating strip with a ventilation grid. And of course there are many more possibilities when we talk about finishing lists. We can even make planters in it. Our advisors are happy to help you with this.

Fire retardant, antibacterial, stain and dirt resistant

Nevertheless, the type of space or the specific location where a bench should be located can also influence the choices that must be made. For example, an entire bench can be produced from materials that all meet the European fire standards, making it suitable for places where this is desired or even a requirement. In addition to fire-retardant, it is also possible to opt for an antibacterial or stain and dirt-repellent finish. This makes it possible to use our furniture in different branches.


When hygiene or easy maintenance plays a major role, it is useful, for example, to choose pedestals so that dust and dirt cannot find their way under the bench. These in turn can be finished with stainless steel skirting boards that both resist damage and look aesthetically pleasing.

Infinite possibilities with fabrics

With our wide range of fabrics, (artificial) leather and the possibility to print fabrics, there is a matching upholstery for every interior. You can even have the back upholstered with a different fabric than on the seat. Our custom benches are made up of various "upholstery parts" and cassettes; also very useful if a part has to be replaced.

As indicated earlier, the possibilities are endless, no idea is too crazy. We would therefore like to invite you to visit the showroom where our advisors are happy to think along with you about the perfect custom bench for your project.

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