Download products in 3D and materials as texture!

About 600 of our products are free to download as a 3D file. Architects and designers can use these so-called 3ds files in their designs and visualizations.

At this time the file format is 3ds which can be used in most design software such as Sketchup and Vectorworks. To gain access to the files you must first register on the top of the website. The 3D models can then be found under Products. After registration you can immediately download and use the files.

More to come!
Given the wide range of our furniture the database is not yet complete. More models are added in the near future.

3D files can be found at the product page.
Download our house collection

Besides the 3D models all our house colors, fabrics and materials are available as a download. These textures can be applied to the furniture creating even more opportunities.

DOWNLOAD - It may take a few seconds before the download starts

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