RechargeTable: wireless charging table

In order to enable wireless charging of smartphones, tablets and other devices several table tops in our collection can be equiped with a fully integrated wireless charging station. The engraved charging icon is the only visible reference this table is more than just a lunch table or working spot. RechargeTable enables your staff and visitors to stay connected.

From a user's point of view

  • The charging station is versatile (it meets the Qi-standard)
  • The charging station spreads a strong signal right through the table top
  • As the charging icon has been engraved, the table top feels smooth 
  • Due to the strong signal the charging zone is relatively large
  • There's no risk of damage to debit or credit cards

Qi standard
The charging takes place by inductive charging. This secure technology has long been used in consumer electronics and is the basis of the Qi standard (pronounced chee), from the Chinese word 'natural energy'). This standard for wireless charging is agreed by more than 70 international companies, including Samsung, Sony and now also Apple.

How to identify a RechargeTable?
Our tables can be identified by the charge icon that is engraved the table top. The now more than 500 certified products that meet the Qi standard can be recognized by the Qi logo. In some cases, it's necessary to use an additional accessory, but it's only a matter of time until it becomes fully integrated standard.

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