From the first guest in the morning to the last in the evening; the terrace sees them all. A comfortable chair and pleasant outdoor space is the calling card of every company. Attention to the terrace as a purveyor of turnover with recognizable, colorful and comfortable furniture immediately yields satisfied guests. We Dutch have completely closed the terrace in our hearts.

We like to stay on one of the more than 20,000 terraces in the Netherlands, to meet, watch and be watched and we love it so much that even the outside temperature is becoming less and less important.

However, we all expect more and more and we want nothing more than to stay in a pleasant, pleasant and hospitable environment.

We are looking for the right atmosphere on the terrace. An atmosphere that matches your personal lifestyle. That way you feel comfortable and you meet nice people. Enough options to distinguish yourself. Choose the right appearance, the right patio furniture »and the right snacks and drinks. Provide an interpretation that makes your catering facility special. In short, use the terrace as a marketing tool and let it act as a calling card. A real invitation to come and enjoy!


Porterhouse Huizen

"A lot of thought has gone into material and colour choice. Playful benches against the facade, friendly designs on the blankets and pillows that also match the printing on the menus. It is precisely these kind of details that make the difference." - Debby Nuyens, hospitality designer

Meddens Hilversum

A service trolley on the terrace is not only practical, it also challenges you to showcase and give decoration to your terrace. It draws attention to passers-by to visit your terrace.

Nouveau Van Ham Breda

"We know how to reach a wide audience with varying models and seat heights on the terrace. Relaxing on the long benches against the facade, happy hour at the high tables, practical dining in the middle and lounging at the front." - Kelly van Hooijdonk, entrepreneur

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