Nothing is more attractive then the atmosphere on a full terrace. People are standing in line to get a seat. It seems obvious but your thriving terrace requires a professional approach and an inviting look. How are things going for you?

The Satelliet outdoor collection offers solutions. Innovative, exuberant, stylish and practical. For every question there is an attractive answer. A collection of quality and appearance. Even on the terrace: a proper device provides an additional revenue.

Interior trends that do well, are literally taken outside. So, no long lines of tables and chairs, but an eclectic mix of furniture and materials such as lounge sofas, bar stools and big wooden tables.

For a seating place on a compact city terrace, a minimum of 1 square meter per person is calculated. For a lunch terrace the minimum is 1.25 square meters and for an extensive dining, the minimum is 1.5 square meters.


Porterhouse Huizen

"A lot of thought has gone into material and colour choice. Playful benches against the facade, friendly designs on the blankets and pillows that also match the printing on the menus. It is precisely these kind of details that make the difference." - Debby Nuyens, hospitality designer

Meddens Hilversum

A service trolley on the terrace is not only practical, it also challenges you to showcase and give decoration to your terrace. It draws attention to passers-by to visit your terrace.

Nouveau Van Ham Breda

"We know how to reach a wide audience with varying models and seat heights on the terrace. Relaxing on the long benches against the facade, happy hour at the high tables, practical dining in the middle and lounging at the front." - Kelly van Hooijdonk, entrepreneur

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