Retail & Concepts

Boundaries between hospitality and retail fade out. More and more large department stores, luxury boutiques, book stores, furniture stores and cooking stores open coffee corners, lunch areas or even oyster bars.

Satelliet Meubelen offers fitting solutions for hospitality in retail. Creative ideas for a hospitality concept in your store. Your customer will spend more time in your place and the passer-by will be introduced to your product while enjoying a cup of coffee or lunch.

Online you buy all sorts of things at the best price. Trend watchers give this advice to physical shops: transfer from point of transaction to point of engagement using specialist know-how and providing experience for the client.

Keep the client in the store as long as possible, that is key in retail. Blurring is the answer to this. But what is it? Having a cup of coffee, eat a sandwich or even dine and in the meantime 'chew' on your possible purchase.

Is there still room for small scale entrepreneurship with the online business offering huge opportunities? Yes, very much so. Small creative shops and carefully selected product ranges appear to be very successful.

Consumers are environmentally conscious and they demand the same from the retailers. Research shows that nobody expects the retailers to be 100% right at it, however, transparancy and openness are important expectations.


Âme Fashion Cafe Lelystad

"Âme Fashion Cafe breathes luxury, fashion and gastronomy with the 'catwalk table' as a glamorous centre piece." - Jorrit Meijer, concept development manager Albron

Intratuin Duiven

At garden centre Intratuin, they no longer sell plants only. After a major renovation - whereby, among other things, a catering section with 1,000 seats was realized - there is now even more room for experience. A visit to the garden center has become a real day out.

Koonings The Wedding Palace Deurne

In October 2018, Koonings The Wedding Palace in Deurne - host of the Dutch television program 'Say Yes To The Dress Benelux' - opened a brand new showroom. With a surface of 11,000 m2, indoor restaurant and stock of 4,000 different dresses, it is the largest bridal fashion store in the world.

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