Retail & Concepts

The boundaries between hospitality and retail are becoming blurred. Following department stores, luxury fashion stores, book stores, furniture stores and cookery shops open a coffee corner with comfortable lounge sofas or a lunch corner with beautiful chairs and tables. Everything to offer the customer the ultimate experience and hospitality.

Satelliet offers suitable solutions for hospitality in retail. We are happy to make a creative design for the catering concept and layout for your shop floor. With your interior you hold customers shopping longer and you attract passers-by who are confronted with your assortment during their coffee or lunch.


BoMont Renesse

BoMont Renesse has been a household name in the region for years. The concept of this shopping experience is unique in its kind. During or after shopping, customers can visit one of the coffee corners where lunch and cakes are served. BoMont Renesse is proof that the catering industry is extremely suitable for adding value to retail concepts.

Van der Sterre Patisserie & Lunch Dordrecht

"To give an interior a soul, we look for the ambition and identity of the brand and the owner. In this project that is love! Love for the family business and their own developed products. This has been translated into a hip , sturdy, yet chic design. " - Annemiek Lindhout, Annemiek Lindhout interior advice & concept development

Van Tilburg Mode & Sport Nistelrode

The family business Van Tilburg Mode & Sport is the largest independent fashion store in the Netherlands with locations in the towns of Nistelrode, Ravenstein and Schijndel. At Van Tilburg Fashion & Sport, it has long been recognized that the catering industry is extremely suitable for strengthening a retail concept. The store in Nistelrode offers various formulas with which the family business surprises and spoils the shopping guests.

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