Boundaries between hospitality and retail fade out. More and more large department stores, luxury boutiques, book stores, furniture stores and cooking stores open coffee corners, lunch areas or even oyster bars.

Satelliet Meubelen offers fitting solutions for hospitality in retail. Creative ideas for a hospitality concept in your store. Your customer will spend more time in your place and the passer-by will be introduced to your product while enjoying a cup of coffee or lunch.


Jumbo Food Markt | Breda

Select and customise your own meal in the Dutch, Asian, Italian and Sushi kitchen. Delicious food that is ready to take away or enjoy freshly prepared in the Foodmarket Café.

Intratuin | Venlo

A host of activities take place in the garden centre. Drink an espresso in the Brasserie, pick out a book in the Library or visit a workshop in the Inspiration glasshouse.

Rinsma Fashion | Gorredijk

The visitor is treated to a day out at the winner of the Dutch Retail Excellence Award 2013.

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