Office buildings have changed enormously in the last ten years. The traditional cafeteria has been transformed into the business restaurant, office gardens popped up out of the ground, and pantries turned into coffee corners. The reception counter is now the foyer and the atmospheric boardroom has become the most popular meeting place.

The office market is growing. The crisis has passed; the number of square meters of office space has grown by 10% in 2017 and the forecast remains positive. Old-fashioned offices have been transformed to living areas. The new spaces offer flexible and so-called mix&match workplaces.

Sustainability is an absolute requirement within the office market. It is not just the employees that expect this from their employers, also the government demands that every office in the Netherlands can meet the minimum of Energy Label C by 2023.

Investing in green is profitable. Employees experience 5 things in a work environment that is sustainable and filled with plants: 1. Improvement of concentration and memory; 2. Less stress; 3. Less illness; 4. Less depression; 5. More happiness. For the sceptics among us, this has been scientifically proven in several researches.

Inspiration Utrecht

"Every floor of the office building is recognizable because of it's own urban design, for example Tokyo, Miami or Florence. Also the conference rooms are part of the concept and have become really stylish." - Sacha Huitema, product specialist

Domus Medica Utrecht

The Domus Medica collective building and congress center serves as entrance to a larger business park and accommodates around 35 paramedical organizations. In 2018, various spaces were taken care of which gave the hospitality experience a significant boost.

FMO The Hague

"We strive to be environmentally and socially responsible. Our choice for the Press chair, which is made of recycled PET bottles, is therefore not accidental." - Tamara Scholte, facility officer

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