Office buildings have changed enormously in the last ten years. The traditional cafeteria has been transformed into the business restaurant, office gardens popped up out of the ground, and pantries turned into coffee corners. The reception counter is now the foyer and the atmospheric boardroom has become the most popular meeting place.

Satelliet Meubelen hopes to inspire you to give your office a hospitable and friendly appearance, without losing sight of functionality. Our goal is that your customers feel themselves welcome and your employees perform better due to the pleasant work environment.


Driessen HRM | Helmond

Ehen customers and employees are able to meet each other in this way, real synergy begins!

Zuidpark | Amsterdam

Professional reception, trendy espresso bar, catering and a rooftop strolling park transform an office complex into a place to be!

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland | Woerden

Playful setting for serious business!

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