Busy, busy, busy. Everybody has a full agenda. Relaxing by exercising is a popular escape from the hectic daily life. Fitness and wellness centers, swimming pools, bowling alleys, laser-shoot centers and sport clubs are an ever more popular choice to combine hospitality and leisure.

The influx of foreign tourists (mainly from Belgium and Germany) continues to grow and we like to go out and enjoy ourselves. That is why our spending in leisure has grown to over 80 billion euros a year.

The distinctive city hotel is trendy. Small and characteristic, that defines the new city hotels. The rise of Airbnb has contributed to an increased demand for small scale and unique accommodations as well.

Our collection offers endless possibilities to help you tempt your customers in a surprising way to keep them at your venue and encourage them to relax after their workout.


Museum cafe in Nemo Science Museum Amsterdam

"The atmosphere in the area is merely determined by two abstract trees. They symbolize the feeling of eating a sandwich under a tree." - Wouter Slot, architect

Museum Joure Joure

"The natural beech wood furniture gives the monumental interior a contemporary expression." - Babke Dekker, interior architect

Restaurant Babel, Public Library Amsterdam

In the OBA, Amsterdam Public Library, there is also room for inspiration, sharing knowledge and casual meetings.

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