JUST Relax!

Busy, busy, busy. Everybody has a full agenda. Relaxing by exercising is a popular escape from the hectic daily life. Fitness and wellness centers, swimming pools, bowling alleys, laser-shoot centers and sport clubs are an ever more popular choice to combine hospitality and leisure. We at Satelliet Meubelen like to work a sweat for you, as an entrepreneur in the leisure industry.

Our collection offers endless possibilities to help you tempt your customers in a surprising way to keep them at your venue and encourage them to relax after their workout.


Fitland XL | Leiden

This luxury beauty and wellness experience comes with an added treat: a fabulous view of the city.

Bibliotheek Kennemerwaard | Alkmaar

Attractive interior solution for popular e-books!

The International | Amsterdam

This golf club radiates international allure. The decor exudes warmth while retaining an air of informality.

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