Busy busy busy. Everyone has a full agenda. Relaxation through exercise is for many people a welcome distraction in a hectic life. Fitness schools, wellness centers, swimming pools, bowling alleys and sports clubs are therefore increasingly opting for hospitality furniture in their leisure furnishings.

Satelliet likes to work out. For you, as a leisure entrepreneur. Our collection of chairs, bar stools, benches and tables offers endless possibilities to tempt your guest in a surprising way to stay relaxed after the effort.

The Cloud Club Eindhoven Airport

"The concept developers of Creneau International and the designers of Did Interieurmakers have taken a good look at the peak load, the routing and the runners in the assortment. That has led to a sophisticated concept, completely tailored to the needs of the airline passengers." - Richard Munten, general manager

Buurten in de Bieb Utrecht

As the name suggests, restaurant Buurten is located in the new Leidsche Rijn library. With the child-friendly hospitality industry, 'Buurten in de Bieb' fits in well with the library as the living room of this young, fully developing district of the city of Utrecht.

OPEN Delft

"The interior design is a mix of colors and natural green accents in which playful fabrics, chairs, sofas and lighting form a cheerful whole. Non-obvious combinations of styles and materials have been used to emphasize the unique character of the location." - Sandra Planken, founder of Studio Noun

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