In modern education, meeting and collaborating are key

Lounge sofas, large tables and stand up tables are no longer strangers in school restaurants. Hospitality in education has come on by leaps and bounds. Colleges and universities with grand cafés, brasseries and lounge restaurants. For many students a reason to choose one educational establishment over another. We at Satelliet Meubelen learn more and more every day. Hospitality areas make educational environments more pleasant and approachable, they relax and motivate students and offer staff rest and inspiration.

With our hospitality furniture we make the interior and therefore also the educational environment more pleasant and welcoming. This provides students with relaxation and motivation and employees with peace and inspiration. Below you will find a selection of the many educational projects that we have organized in recent years.


Codam Coding College Amsterdam

"The interior must be accessible; you must get a welcome feeling. In addition to being soft and beautiful, it must also be 'pupil-proof.' " - René de Groen, facility manager

Restaurant De Refter Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

The Radboud University in Nijmegen found that the requirements and needs with regard to the university restaurant were changing. That is why in mid-2019 the classic university restaurant was converted into a hip, multifunctional food court with around 850 sitting and working places. A huge operation in which the students have been actively involved from the start. And with success: one sees an increase in use and 86% of users experience the change as being clearly positive.

Onderwijshotel De Rooi Pannen Breda

In education hotel De Rooi Pannen - located on the former Seelig barracks in Breda - regular guests are received and students get the chance to gain experience in a practice-oriented learning environment. Thanks to the design and the total concept, the hotel receives a very varied audience, including international guests. This makes the practice very realistic and dynamic for students.

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