Lounge sofas, large tables and stand up tables are no longer strangers in school restaurants. Hospitality in education has come on by leaps and bounds. Colleges and universities with grand cafés, brasseries and lounge restaurants. For many students a reason to choose one educational establishment over another.

Traditional education, where thirty children look at the teacher standing in front of the classroom, is coming to and end. Technology is popular, intense learning and soft skills take a central position. The optimal learning environment of these days enables critical thinking and collaboration.

Learning also requires good food. In Finland and Sweden schools have been serving free and healthy meals for over sixty years now. We haven't reached that point yet, but also in the Netherlands, healthy food, including 'good food', is increasing.

The school mergers of the 80's and 90's are looking into small scale opportunities within their big buildings. Examples are many small spaces or sitting areas where groups of students can collaborate. This doesn't only provide a cozy feeling, but also enhances the social aspects and learning performance.


Binnen bij Parcours Tilburg

"Youngsters at a distance from the labour market are given the opportunity to learn in a real catering facility that radiates authenticity and atmosphere. Not just an average school restaurant as a learning place, but a real meeting place that brings everyone together." - Conny van Hees, interior designer

Tabor College Werenfridus Hoorn

"Together with the school's interior group we have come up with an overall concept. In terms of atmosphere the new building had to be connected with the existing building. Therefore, original details are featured in the new building and modern details are integrated in the existing building of the school." - Iris Rietveld-Struijk, interior designer

Restaurant Groos!, Albeda Horecacollege Rotterdam

At Albeda Horecacollege everything revolves around craftsmanship, hospitality and passion. With the opening of the new school restaurant GROOS! in Rotterdam, Albeda Horecacollege offers an inspiring learning environment in a real-life situation. The restaurant is also a lively meeting place for young and old.

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