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Lounge sofas, large tables and stand up tables are no longer strangers in school restaurants. Hospitality in education has come on by leaps and bounds. Colleges and universities with grand cafés, brasseries and lounge restaurants. For many students a reason to choose one educational establishment over another.

We at Satelliet Meubelen learn more and more every day. Hospitality areas make educational environments more pleasant and approachable, they relax and motivate students and offer staff rest and inspiration.


Radboud University | Nijmegen

The university restaurant is located in the centre of the campus. A full self-service restaurant seats an impressive 1200 diners.

ROC locatie Fitland XL | Leiden

This is a dynamic education centre for hospitality talent. Students work here in a care hotel, two restaurants, a bakery, brasserie and coffee bar.

Wageningen University & Research Centre | Wageningen

There is a good reason why Wageningen University has been selected this year as the best university in the Netherlands. It offers the best study programme, the best guidances and of course, last but not least... the best facilities!

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