Conference & Banqueting

Flexibility is crucial when welcoming groups of people for a conference,
training session, party or a dinner. Your room needs the capacity to be filled with seats or completely free of furniture. You can cater to any need and offer the right solution, by quickly changing your rooms from setting to setting by folding, rolling, linking and stacking, all without losing the atmosphere of true hospitality.


Carlton President Hotel Utrecht

Carlton President Hotel in Utrecht, offers inspiring, surprising spaces for meetings, brainstorms and presentations. No standard rooms, but standard equipped with all conveniences.

Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht

When the groups get bigger and different set-ups have to be 'built' every day, our attention automatically goes to the solutions we offer for efficient handling and logistics of the furniture.

City castle 'Oudaen' Utrecht

A lecture, meeting or banqueting. With this playful colour the event immediately gets a friendly look.

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