Care & Cure

More attention to hospitality

The elderly under fluorescent lamps in a bare day room, the sick who receive visitors in gray coffee rooms. Fortunately, this image increasingly belongs to the past. The term "hospitality care" is becoming established. Also look at the rise of the care hotel, where people rehabilitate in a hospitality environment.

Satelliet Meubelen has been delving into healthcare and healthcare furniture for years. We experience in practice that residents, visitors and employees feel more comfortable in a welcoming environment with the right care furniture. For our interior solutions for healthcare, we therefore link functionality and logistics to atmosphere and appearance.


Cemetery and crematorium Almere

"The renovation of the crematorium was necessary because the wishes have changed. The atmosphere has now become more personal and more modern. What I have learned in this process is that furnishing is different from following your own taste." - Natasja van Kampen, location manager

Living Room Assisted Living Brabant

"This interior was conceived for the shared living room of young people with a disability, who were themselves involved in the choice process. A fun and educational experience that creates involvement and support. The result: a calm, fresh basis with sturdy materials, colorful accents and proud residents! "- Illse Withagen, Illse Withagen interior architecture

Amphia Hospital Breda

At the end of November 2019 Amphia started using the new hospital at the Molengracht location in Breda. The hospitality industry in the complex consists of a coffee bar and restaurant De Markt (The Market), which is accessible to both visitors and employees. The attractively decorated restaurant should give visitors the feeling that they are not in a hospital.

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