The elderly playing cards in empty and boring recreation rooms; patients meeting their visitors in grey coffee rooms. Luckily these are sights you don’t see that  often anymore. Hospitality has found its way into the health care industry. Think about the “care hotel”, where patients can recover in a “hospitality environment” after for example surgery or childbirth.

Healthcare has been an area of focus for Satelliet over the last few years. We noticed that residents, visitors and  employees feel more comfortable and at home in a hospitable environment. This is why we offer solutions in which functionality and logistics are linked to atmosphere and ambiance.


Zorggroep Tellens, locatie botniahuis | Franeker

The beautiful housing complex for seniors is located in the centre of the city. Hospitality in the restaurant, also for all over-55s who still live independently.

Tweesteden ziekenhuis | Tilburg

A place where patients, visitors and staff can relax. Fresh & durable appearance.

Wovesto dorpshuis d'n looper | Sint-Oedenrode

This multifunctional accomodation serves as a meeting place for clubs, childcare, and an activities centre for the elderly.

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