Care & Cure

The elderly playing cards in empty and boring recreation rooms; patients meeting their visitors in grey coffee rooms. Luckily these are sights you don’t see that  often anymore. Hospitality has found its way into the health care industry. Think about the “care hotel”, where patients can recover in a “hospitality environment” after for example surgery or childbirth.

Healthcare has been an area of focus for Satelliet over the last few years. We noticed that residents, visitors and  employees feel more comfortable and at home in a hospitable environment. This is why we offer solutions in which functionality and logistics are linked to atmosphere and ambiance.

From patient to guest. Functionality and efficiency have dictated the decoration of hospitals and care institutions for a long time. Now we prefer to see the patient as a guest. The cold canteen is being replaced by a tastefully decorated restaurant.

Hospitality influence will be playing a key role within the care sector in the coming years. Institutions are heavily investing in the creation of a homely and intimate atmosphere in which the visitors feel welcome.

The demand for care increases. The number of people aged 65 and older is increasing in the Netherlands and will reach 4.7 million in 2041 according to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics. That is why the demand for care will increase as well. This requires new considerations on future proof care.


St. Anna Hospital Geldrop

The new staff restaurant at the St. Anna Hospital is contemporary and multifunctional. Thanks to the pleasant mix of furniture, employees can not just drink coffee and meet each other; the space is also suitable for presentations, lectures, drinks and conducting job interviews.

Erasmus MC Hospital Rotterdam

"The Garden is developed as a concept for Erasmus MC Hospital. The objective was to make sure that the 350 seating places didn't feel like a hospital restaurant, but as an easily accessible catering environment where both the staff and the guests can easily meet each other."- Luc van den Brand, location designer Appèl

D'n Heerlyckheid Breda

People from a care home in the neighborhood can come here for a delicious meal or a cup of coffee or tea. "The objective was to create a real catering atmosphere. I was inspired by the catering industry in the centre of Breda. Atmospheric, cozy, warm and of course we took the functionality and maintenance into account." - Illse Withagen, interior architect

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