Cafe & Restaurant

We feel at home in the hospitality industry

The origin of hospitality lies in the old inn, where travelers gathered around the fire and generous hostesses served large candlelight beers and wine by candlelight. The decor changed over the centuries, but the soul of the inn lives on in the hospitality that characterizes the hospitality industry.

Satelliet Meubelen likes to shape the contemporary hospitality interior. From traditional café chairs to trendy lounge club sofas, from cozy lunchroom tables to a completely contemporary restaurant; we give substance to your interior wishes with our catering furniture. Be inspired by our hospitality projects!


Brasserie La Colline Oss

"We have translated the rich history of La Colline as a French brasserie into a design of today and the future. The film" Midnight in Paris "inspired us, which resulted in a beautiful, modern brasserie with a nod to the roaring twenties. " - Babs van Hassel, Aces of Space

Nomade Beach House Noordwijk

"The complete renovation and restyling exudes the relaxed atmosphere of beach life with style influences from the Middle East. This is reflected in the use of natural materials and oriental details. We have created our own identity with an ultimate sense of hospitality." - Els van Egmond, architect Van Egmond architects

Ter Marsch & Co Amsterdam

"The wish was to overwhelm the guest with everything that you would not expect in a burger restaurant. We have opted for a maximum mix of patterns and colors, which creates a new surprise in every corner of the restaurant." - Charlotte Nieuwland, interior designer, hospitality design studio Dark & Stormy

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